It’s quite funny how we always think that we are teaching our
children how to be responsible, patient, loving, courteous, God
fearing, Jesus loving adults, but I have found that even as an
adult, most of us haven’t been able to become any of those things
without the help of our children!  I have learned patience
with my son, I have learned what God means when He says He loves
His children, and even as much as I love my son, I cannot fathom
the depths that God has loved us!!!  I have learned that life
is so much more fragile now that I have a child that I want to wrap
in a plastic bubble and keep from all harm, which includes the
speed demon, risk taking, careless person I was in the years before
being blessed of God with the greatest gift, next to salvation,
that could ever be bestowed on an unworthy human being!  So,
when we think about raising our kids, just try to answer this
question, “who is raising who??”  The answers are quite
amusing!!! God bless!

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