Never underestimate the power of prayer!  For nearly nine
years, I have prayed for salvation for my son, who just so happens
to be eight years old, yes, I prayed for him before he was
born!  On the night of April 25, 2012, my son made Jesus
Christ the Lord and Savior of his life!  I couldn’t stop the
tears from flowing and I was overcome with thanks and adoration for
the God of Heaven answered the prayers of someone as unworthy as
I!!!!  Only going to show that no matter what you have done,
who you have wronged, what you have said or how low you feel about
yourself, GOD WILL LISTEN when it’s from the heart!  Don’t
ever give up praying for that lost loved one, for yourself, for
your family, for any need that can only be met by the Make of the
Universe!  I am reminded of the verse of song that goes, God
still answers prayer, in His time He’ll work a miracle, He will
never fail!  Satan has lost the battle when to the Lord you

If you would like to leave a prayer request and God knows it
wouldn’t hurt any of us to pray for others, you may do so here and
I will call your name out to God and agree with you in prayer that
whatever you need, God will provide in His time and in His own

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