The falling leaves, the wind whistling through the trees, pumpkins and mums- yep, it’s that time of year again!!!  For me, it’s the time of year that I begin to look back on the past year and I stand amazed at the mountains of blessings that God has bestowed on me and my kin!  Lord knows I don’t deserve them, but He sees that I have them because He loves me!  I think of all the dear people in my life that have cast their shadow across my pathway of life and I am thankful for their shade when the days got hot!!!  I thank God for the very breath I breathe, but most of all, I thank Him that I am no longer afraid of what awaits when I do finally begin to live!!!!  I have done absolutely nothing to deserve it, as the song says, but I am thankful for GRACE!!!!!  I hope you all have a super Thanksgiving and please, don’t forget the One who made all things and made all things possible!!!!  God bless you all!!!  Sammie and Dan

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