I guess I’ve been sort of just thinking about things- naturally musical things- and I have decided, no matter who likes or dislikes our style, we shall continue on the musical path that we have chosen!  I cannot sing songs or styles that I cannot connect with and neither can anyone who is truly passionate about music!!!  You have to be true to yourself, for in the end, you are the one who has to live with all of the decisions you have made!  I know you wouldn’t want to pop in a CD of ours at a party, but you could pop it in when you want to relax or just need to unwind and take it easy!!!  Our music reflects how we see the world and how we want things to be- sometimes, it just shows how it was!!!  I can’t explain why I write the songs I write and I can’t explain the tunes from which dwell deep within the soul of my better half, but as it is what it is- why change it?  For those of you who are like minded and spend your days hunting and searching for the past and for peaceful surroundings- keep on listening- we’ve got our minds set and would love to take you on our journey through our music!!!!

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