What a glorious day it has been!  It started out with
getting to listen to some of the wonderful youth girls from church
singing praises to the Lord this morning during a wonderful
sermon!  Then a visit to the home of a lady that I have always
thought highly of to eat a wonderful home cooked southern
meal!  Let me tell you, can’t nobody beat that gals homemade
rolls!!!! MMMMM!!! MMMMM!!!!!  Then I get a call from my
Grandpa and he wants to go back to his old homeplace and visit some
“memories” from his childhood!  As I drove down the road and
turned into the lanes where he used to run and play as a little
boy, I felt very blessed to be spending that time with him as he is
getting on in years!  I count it a priviledge to have been
educated as to who lived where and all of the colorful people that
grace my grandpa’s thoughts from time to time!  I had the
fortune to take my oldest nephew with me to spend the day with his
great grandpa and we had a wonderful time!  I’m so thankful
that the day has gone so well!  God certainly is good and He
certainly loves us with all of His might!   Praise God
for the time spent with family and good friends!  I love you

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