Here it is nearly 3:30 in the morning and I am wrestling with
sleep and many things on my mind.  We have been working on our
newest CD entitled “I’ll Live On” and hopefully it will be out by
the beginning of October.  Yet, no matter how hard we try, it
doesn’t seem to matter in this world today.  I think Christian
music is going to be in the shadow of secular music til the Lord
comes back!  I have been wondering about trying to put into
perspective as to why I pursue music and what my goal is with it
and the only answer I can come up with is, I just want to sing.
 I just want to share a story with people that makes them
happy or sad or mad or whatever!  I just want to sing.  I
don’t ask for money, I don’t want fame, I just want to sing to you!
 I want to sing to anyone who will listen, that’s all.
 It’s very simple.  I sometimes am reminded of the verse
in the Bible where it says that a man is never a hero in his own
country, well, I can believe that.  I get disheartened,
easily, and I guess you could say that I feel sorry for myself, but
one thing remains true, I just want to sing for you.  Well, I
guess that’s enough of my ramblings, but at least now, you know my
motive.  I just want to sing.

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