I should have known that today held some upsetting news when the
storms moved in last night and set a somber mood.  When I woke
up this morning I learned of the death of one of my all time
favorite actors, Mr. Andy Griffith.  I spent many childhood
hours watching the reruns of The Andy Griffith Show and thinking
how wonderful it would be to live in Mayberry.  If only real
life were like the movies!  When I learned of Mr. Griffith’s
death, it was like losing a family member.  Spending so many
hours watching the show made me feel like he and the others were
family.  It saddens me to say that most of the shows on
television today can’t even begin to compare to the shows that held
our hearts back in the days when moral values and virtues were
important to the family.  My heart breaks for the loss of
innocence in television as I have to carefully monitor even
cartoons for my child!  If only we could get back to shows
like The Andy Griffith Show, The Waltons, Little House on the
Prairie and Happy Days, our youth might not have the mindset of
adults at the age of eight!!!

I just want to say thanks to Andy Griffith for giving me some of
the best years of my life while living in Mayberry!

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