I sometimes just sit around and try to figure what it is I want
to do or what it is I am interested in, then, out of the blue, it
hits me!  I WANT TO SING!  To most, that doesn’t sound
like such a high asperation, but to me, my entire life revolves
around music.  I simply cannot image a world without music. I
cannot image life without music!  I never feel as alive as I
do when I’m listening, thinking, singing, or talking about music!
 The next quest is to find someone as enthused about it as I
am so that I stop boring the people I do tend to lecture about
music!!!  Anyway, I cannot imagine doing anything else, but
singing!!!  I love to share the stories, the events, the
melodies of story telling in song!  Wonderful songs are just
stories that are set to music with melodies that send our senses
reeling!  If you can’t find me, just listen, you’ll hear me
croaking somewhere!!!

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