LOL…I thought the title might entice some of the readers to
check out this blog.  Anyway, not much going on, just thinking
I might write some random thoughts down and see what everyone else
thinks.  Dan and I are considering putting our newest
recordings on our very own youtube channel.  I also was
wondering how many people might like to be able to download the
songs from the website, for free, of course.  Now, I’m not
sure if it is possible, but I will look into it.  I don’t see
much point in making music if the people can’t get it to listen to
it when they take the notion.  I admit, I have been very slow
on working up some new stuff, but if you will be patient, I think
you will like the next set, as it has many different genres
represented!  I love to sing and just like everyone else, I
love to sing to others.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful
moderate winter so far and I’m hoping that spring is right around
the corner, so drop me a line and tell me what you want me to
know!!!!  God bless!

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