I often wonder why we choose to continue doing things even when we’ve been warned.  Why do we choose to ignore what is in front of us?  I remember all of the lessons from Sunday school concerning the future- prophecies, if you will, concerning our spiritual welfare.  As much as we’ve been warned, we still continue to walk down the path of self destruction.  We don’t want to acknowledge that “self” is creeping to the forefront of our conscience and God’s will is being pushed further and further back.  When we disregard what the Word says and we put our feelings first, that’s when the trouble begins.  The slippery slope leaves us without a grip on what we were supposed to do as opposed to what we feel like doing.  As a child I was always made aware that you didn’t do what you wanted to do, mostly because it would be disrespectful to someone else, but also, out of obedience, we did what we were told, not what we felt like doing.  It seems to me that it boils down to whether you can take orders or not.  I have come to grips with the knowledge that my freedom will come one day, when I make it to Heaven.  That is my main goal.  To accomplish the task set before me and to reap my reward when this life is over!  We simply cannot call ourselves “Christians” if we tear down others out of fear or jealousy.  We cannot call ourselves “Christians” if all we want from God is for Him to make us rich with earthly wealth!  We cannot call ourselves “Christians” if we talk about people behind their backs and not on our knees!  We cannot call ourselves “Christians” if we do not help our neighbor- and who is our neighbor?  The word of God tells us that our neighbor is our fellow man!  We are falling into the trap that the spirit of the air has set for us!  We no longer care about each other- we care for ourselves!  We call what is good, evil.  We call what is evil, good.  Truly, this is nothing new!  It has been prophesied over and over in the Bible.  BE WATCHFUL, yet, we have fallen into the serpent’s trap, just as Eve did in the beginning.  We tear down- not build up!  We destroy- not create!  We hate- not love!  There will be many people left shaking their heads in the end, wondering why they were left when others were taken!  Do you want to be left behind?  I know I certainly DON’T!  We must get out of our comfort zone- step away from the mirror and see what Christ saw!  Do what Christ would do!  Be what Christ paid the price for us to be!  Jealousy is an ugly monster!  Fear is not of God!  When we are to “die” to ourselves, that means we are no longer worried about what “we” want, but what “He” wants.  Have you truly died to self?  Have you truly been saved?  If so, let’s act upon it!  Faith without works is dead!  Store up your treasures in Heaven, not here on earth.  Choose God!

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