I guess you can safely say, I’m really bored at this point in time…lol.  Our last gig was in December and believe me, it is near impossible to perform with a cold!  Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately, about how things are going for me musically and personally.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with things not happening as fast or at all, but I know all things come to those who wait, problem is, I have NO patience!!!  

I cannot explain my pure devotion and immense passion for music, it is like a spell that has me rendered helpless completely!!  I do understand that our type of music is not for everyone and I do wish I could sing those songs that make us want to party, feel good, and seem invincible, but the truth is, I’ve always been a story teller and I am wired to sing songs that make me feel- think- and want to laugh or cry!  I sing because I have to!  I sing so that you will know what is in my heart, what is on my mind and to let you know, you aren’t alone!  I may never be a “star” and maybe I’ll never be famous, but as long as I can sing to anyone who will listen, I will be content!  (P.S. I will sing at the Grand Ol Opry someday-hehehehe)! 

I want each of you to know, especially those who have contacted us about your appreciation of our music- you mean so much and you are such an encouragement!  We have been blessed to come across some of the absolute finest folks that ever lived during our ventures!  We love you all and I promise, we will be raising the bar this year and if you want to contact us, please do so!  We would love to hear from you, our fans, our friends!!!!!

Sammie & Dan

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