There have been a great many things throughout my life that I have wanted to be as kid growing up!  I remember wanting to be an astronaut before anything else!  Then I remember a few years later, I wanted to be an actress!  I’ve tipped my hat to nearly everything there is from archaeologist to fighter pilot to U.S. Diplomat, but in the end, the path was chosen for me!  Not being one to want the attention of a crowd, let alone coming anywhere near a stage, I was called into music as a moth is drawn to a flame!  Underneath all of the dreams from my childhood, music was there, setting the mood, spurring on the drive and making a human feel invincible!  Yet, it was a sullen breeze that I was comfortable with, but never addressed fully!  Many hours were spent dreaming about being someone that the world will remember!  Doing great deeds and hoping to never be forgotten!  I wanted to give something to mankind that wouldn’t fade away once I was gone!  Yet, I still never dreamed I would do it with music!!!  Mind you, I haven’t done it yet, but within my heart, I know that the only way to accomplish this amazing feat will by through my true love of music and the rampant desire to share it with the world!  I can’t say that I will ever reach a level where my name is as common in the household as say, Michael Jackson or Hank Williams, but just to leave something behind that is worth all of the hard work, well, that would be “lovely” as my English in laws would say!  Never in all of my years have I wanted to sing at one certain place or event so much as I wanted to sing at the Grand Ol’ Opry- the place where music actually LIVES!  I accomplished that goal, somewhat, during a birthday trip this past summer when I was allowed to sing on the stage during a tour of the Opry, but I closed my eyes and I could see the audience waiting to hear me!!!  I could picture those same faces waiting patiently to hear the next act that was to come out and share their gift- a spiritual bonding with many strangers!  The ability to make the people feel your pain, love, fear, warmth, sadness presented in a song, is a God given gift and I cherish it with all of my being!

A friend of mine laughed and jokingly told me that maybe someday, I would enter fame through the backdoor- lol!  At the time, I didn’t know what she meant, but I do now and although, it isn’t exactly how I would like to be remembered, I’ll take anything I can get!  God holds the cards and I am at His beck and call!  Maybe I will never be famous in my lifetime-but I pray that what I have accomplished and the songs you hear from me, will leave a hint of who I am, what I loved, and where I’ve been!  If anything, I just want to be remembered as the woman who lived and breathed MUSIC!!!!

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