It’s been a long winter and a lot of thoughts have wandered through my mind.  I have done quite a bit of soul searching this winter and can’t seem to find the desire to get back into my music as the current path isn’t where I want to be.  I have decided that I would rather just sing to the Lord and for the Lord.  I have tried pleasing myself, but alas, I am not happy.  My heart knows that God Himself will not share His glory with any man and yet, I was reveling in it!  He has shown me that gospel is where I belong and it is where I will stay.  I never should have left it to begin with.  Sometimes, we think we know what is best without getting the Lord’s input, but life and time shows us that we were wrong.  I admit I was wrong and hope to serve Him for the rest of my days to the best of my abilities!  Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior!!!

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