Let me start by saying, I have never, not even at one instance,
ever thought that I was better than anyone else!  I never
understood anyone who thought differently, someone who thought that
they were more important or richer or prettier or handsomer or just
plain made from better material than everyone else.  What is
the purpose of this manner of thinking?  I believe we all were
made from the same dirt by the Master and the best I can come up
with is that dirt is dirt!  I sometimes hear people make snide
remarks about other, maybe even stereotyping others, but just
basically, thinking that God created them with His “good” material
and the rest of us with whatever was lying about!  Jesus does
not distinguish between us, He does not give one more love and
attention than the other, He loves us exactly the same, as He
knows, we are the same!  Thank God that small mindedness can
be cured by the Master!

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