You know that old saying that goes, when in Rome do as the
Romans? Well, that doesn’t always work when you’re a Christian.
 I’ve been here in the UK for a week and a half and although
most of it is very beautiful, I can’t help but watch as the
inhabitants go through their daily lives not knowing what or who is
beyond death.  There tends to be all manners of “religion”
going on here.  There are Buddhist temples and psychics, there
are people who just don’t think there is anything beyond the grave,
but what is very sad is that there is noone here trying to change
their minds!  What happened to all of the missionaries?
 I know that the less advanced countries of the world need to
hear the gospel, but while you are there and focusing on those
who’ve never heard the gospel, we are leaving the door wide open
for Satan to march in and sway the “converted” countries back into
heathenism.  I love the people of this country and I would
love to find a party of genuine Christians that would go to these
places and remind them that their first love, has not forgotten
them even though they have forgotten Him!  It scares me to
think of so many people who do not know what to believe and
therefore, they have lost their love for their neighbor and fellow

In one of the big cities here the other day, I watched as a
preacher stood outside of his parish and explained the plan of
salvation to a massive crowd who generally chose to ignore this man
of God!  Out of the thousands there, only eight or so stopped
to take an interest in the investment of their souls!  Such a
wonderful but sad sight at the same time!  We are losing the
battle for souls due to our hearts waxing cold!  We need a
fire lit inside before we all find it is too late!!!  God help
us to help others and let them know that You are real, You are here
and You love them with an everlasting love and have even before
they were conceived in the womb!!!!

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